Welcome to my blog.  I am currently a Cub Dad for both of my sons.  My oldest, is now a second year Webelos Scout (on the left).  The youngest son (on the right) has recently become an official Tiger Cub (he had been a “buddy scout” since he was able to participate in the activities the older one did as a Tiger, Wolf & Bear). 

I started on the scouting trail when I was 8 as a Wolf Scout in the early 80s (this was before Tigers were part of the program) earned the Arrow of Light and became an Eagle Scout in 1990.  Incidentally, my Board of Review was actually on my 18th birthday by my own choosing so that my official Eagle award date coincided (yes I cut it close, having finished my project not three weeks before).

When the oldest son joined as a Tiger, I volunteered to be the Pack’s Committee Chair.  I continued in that role until the fall of 2010.  I handed those responsibilities off so I could be the Tiger Den Leader for my younger son now that he has joined.  Still wanting to be part of the planning process, I am the acting “leader” for the oldest’s Webelos den after the existing registered leader dropped out when her son did in January of this year.

I have been the Camp Director for our district’s Twilight Camp the past two years (and Woodworking director before that).  The district professionals were so impressed with my work at camp, they offered a “promotion” for me to Vice Chair for Program on the District Committee.

So as I am planning the Webelos stuff, preparing to be a Tiger leader (while continuing on the pack committee), running program for the district, I figured I’d write this blog. (crazy, huh??). 

When I am not spending my time as a “full-time” Scouter (according to my wife), I participate in Taekwondo with my boys, sing in the church choir, play on the church’s softball team.  I enjoy working around the house honing my handyman skills and generally being outside.

With this blog my hope is to be able to share my knowledge and experience gained as a Scout and Scouter, tell about the stuff we are doing with Scouts in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area, ask questions and lend insight into topical things and maybe share some best practices that have worked for us.  There may be the occasional topic outside of the scouting realm that gives a picture into what makes me tick.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you enjoy the journey.


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