Sundae Funday

Today we had the other of our June pack activities (the first being Twilight Camp last week).  Taking from one of last summer’s monthly themes (“Hoop-de-do”), we decided to do another games day and add the ice cream element.  Planning it for a Sunday made the title too easy 🙂

The summer weather keeping with the same pattern as the spring has continued to be wet.  If it’s not been wet, it has been hot them stormy.  So since yesterday was a beautiful day (temps in the upper 70s and no humidity), this morning the storms and rain moved in.  Fortunately, the rains moved out by the time church ended.  So despite the clouds and a bit of a strong breeze we had a dry time for our event.

In keeping the outing in Scouting, we planned the events for outside (but had a “plan B” just in case).  We started out with a friendly game of wiffle ball.  This was a good fit since most of our boys play organized baseball.  We had 14 boys show up so it was 7-on-7.  In order to keep things moving (since we had other activities) we agreed to play for three outs or roster bat,  That way there was a definite end to each inning.  The game stayed pretty close and was tied 11-11 going in to the bottom of the last inning.  The home team ended up winning in walk off fashion 12-11.

Then it was on to the craft.  We had purchased some craft kits for our spring camp out in case it rained during the weekend.  Since we had great weather then, we decided to use the crafts as “calm activity” after wiffle ball in case the weather was hot.  The boys and siblings enjoyed putting them together.

Next was everyone’s favorite — the water balloon toss.  At first we did two rounds of the actual toss game.  Then with the leftover balloons, we let the boys have a water balloon war.  After everyone was sufficiently wet and we cleaned up all the balloon pieces (Leave No Trace), it was on to the highlight of the afternoon and the day’s namesake…SUNDAES!!!!  Nothing out of the ordinary here, just your typical vanilla ice cream and the variety of toppings.

So the activities for the first month for the National Pack Summertime Award are now successfully behind us, now our sights turn to July and the fun it will hold.


About jthoppe

Eagle Scout, Cub Dad (Former Pack Committee Chair, soon to be Tiger Den Leader, District Committee; enjoys TKD, softball and generally being outside.
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