Webelos Scientists

Image:ScientistActivityBadge.jpgOur boys decided that they wanted to take on the Scientist activity badge over the summer this year.  As busy as the boys have been this past year, they have five activity badges left to earn.  I suggested to them that the summer would be a great chance to work on Family Member at home and Scientist at our summer meetings.  I figured with the number of experiments using water and some working better outside, summer time would work well.  In addition, in an effort to let the boys, “choose their own adventure” I asked them to decide on what elective requirements they would like to do.  Based on that here is what they’ll be doing this summer to earn this activity badge:

  • #1 Read Bernoulli’s principle. Show how it works.
  • #2 Read Pascal’s Law. Tell about some inventions that use Pascal’s law.
  • #3 Read Newton’s first law of motion. Show in three different ways how inertia works.
  • #6 Show the effects of air pressure.
  • #7 Show the effects of water pressure. This may be combined with atmospheric pressure or with air pressure.
  • #8 With adult supervision, build and launch a model rocket. Describe how Newton’s third law of motion explains how the rocket is propelled into the sky.
  • #9 Explain what causes fog. Show how this works.
  • #10 Explain how crystals are formed. Make some.
  • #12 Show in three different ways how your eyes work together and show what is meant by an optical illusion.

We’ve already had one meeting to begin working through these activities.  In that meeting we worked on requirements 12, 2 & 3.  For the “eyes” requirement we did three activities from the handbook showing how our eyes work together.  Then we discussed how optical illusions work.  Then the boys showed or performed an optical illusion.  For Pascal’s Law, we discussed the various inventions that utilize the principle and looked at a hydraulic lift at our meeting today.  Completing that one was a bit tough but I think seeing the lift helped the boys understand what is at play.  For Newton’s first law, the boys each did the “stack of pennies”, “coin in a cup” and “water in a bucket” activities.

Today was our second meeting to work on the badge.  We covered air pressure, water pressure and crystals (5, 6 & 10).  The air and water pressure experiments were taken right from the handbook.  For the crystals, we used this activity and got started with making the sugar solution and setting up the “rigs” for the crystals to form.  We’ll see how they turn out at our next meeting in two weeks.

With all the activities, we have broken up the work over four meetings.  So two more to go.  The last meeting actually will be focused solely on the rocket launch.  The boys are really looking forward to that.  More to come as we plow through a Scientific summer.


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Eagle Scout, Cub Dad (Former Pack Committee Chair, soon to be Tiger Den Leader, District Committee; enjoys TKD, softball and generally being outside.
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