Lights, Camera…Off to Camp

Well, today is the first day of Twilight camp for our district.  This will be the fourth (and last) time around for our oldest (the now second year Webelos scout) and the first time for our youngest (the Tiger Cub).  The youngest has been wanting to attend camp as an official Cub Scout for the better part of two years now.  It will be the first one for me not being on main camp staff (I had been the Woodworking director and Camp director in the three previous years).  I am still participating though as the den leader/guide for our youngest’s Tiger den.  After spending three years as a director of some sort, I am looking forward to going around to all the stations with the boys and watch them take part in the activities and have fun.

This year’s theme is “Scouts, Camera, Action!”  The boys will be having a blast doing Archery, shooting BB guns fishing, playing sports, doing crafts and hiking.  All the typical Cub Camp stuff with a movie theme twist.  Monday through Wednesday the boys go through the various activity stations doing things and learning scout craft stuff.  Thursday is our hike night where each rank has its own trail with various stations geared toward nature study and hiking fundamentals.  Friday night is family night where the boys can take their parents around to some of the stations and show what they did during the week.  The evening then wraps up with a campfire program and flag retirement ceremony.

We have 15 boys (out of 20) from the pack going.  We usually have a good turn out from our as we emphasize the fun the boys have and how much of a jump-start they can get on their next year’s rank advancement along with earning a few belt loops along the way.

As they say, the highlight of the year for many Cub Scouts is camp.  Summer camp has always been a highlight for me as well (both as a youth and now as a leader).  This year our pack has two opportunities (Twilight and Resident camp) to deliver on that promise.


About jthoppe

Eagle Scout, Cub Dad (Former Pack Committee Chair, soon to be Tiger Den Leader, District Committee; enjoys TKD, softball and generally being outside.
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