Summer Activities

The other day, @MNScoutmaster asked in a post if your scout unit meets during the summer or not as compared to Cub Scout Packs.  The consensus on Twitter was that units of those providing a reply do meet year round.  Some Boy Scout units continue with their regular schedule, some cut back to 1-2 times a month.  Most do take a break around the time they attend summer camp.  I did not see many responses from Cub Scout Packs.  It could be that I follow more Boy Scout leaders than Cub Scout leaders. 

It may seem Like Cub Scouts only meet during the school year as the program is based on grade levels and the school year.  That may have been the case years ago.  It is not now.  It is highly encouraged for packs to meet throughout the whole year.  There is a National Summertime Award that can be earned by units that hold a least one activity in the summer months (June, July & August).  Any boys who attends anyone event in each month also can earn a pin.  A den that has at least 50% attendance at all three earn a ribbon.

Ever since I joined the pack, we have planned a year round program.  The first summer (the oldest was a new Wolf) we planned just one activity in each month.  Only a couple of boys earned the rank’s pin.  The last two summers we had 1-2 in some of the months but not all three.  This summer our pack has planned 2 activities in each month.  We have Twilight Camp and a “Sundae-Funday” in June, a baseball game/overnighter and Resident Camp in July and a pool party then a cookout in August.  In addition to these our district and council also have summer activities that the boys can participate in.  In addition to the summer pack activities, our Webelos dens continue to meet for regular den meetings to work on activity badges that are better suited for being outside while our lower ranks meet once or twice as dens over the whole summer.  This keeps all the families engaged and gives a kick-start on programming when the fall rolls around. 

If you are in a Cub Scout pack, what activities do you do during the summer?  If you are in a Boy Scout Troop, how are your troop meetings modified (if at all) for more “summer-like” activities?


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Eagle Scout, Cub Dad (Former Pack Committee Chair, soon to be Tiger Den Leader, District Committee; enjoys TKD, softball and generally being outside.
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