100 Days of Scouting – Day 98

Today I:

  • Worked up the den meeting plan for the Webelos to finish up Outdoorsman
  • Laid out the summer meeting plans and penciled in dates.  We’ll work on Scientist in den meetings and the boys will work on Family Member at home.
  • Took our Webelos scout for an unofficial (unannounced) visit to a troop meeting at the troop our pack traditionally feeds into. 

We are borrowing propane stoves from the troop for our camp out this weekend and I went to pick them up.  I thought it might be a good chance for the oldest to see how a troop meeting works and runs when they aren’t expecting a visitor.  The last time we were at a troop meeting was the week of the Peterloon camp out.  That meeting was quite unorganized and chaotic.  The ASPL had just found out he would be in charge of the meeting as well as the camp out.  He was a bit unprepared and did not do much to make the Webelos feel welcome in preparation for camping with the Boy Scouts.  Tonight, as it turned out the ASPL from the fall is now the SPL.  He actually recognized our son (couldn’t remember his name but knew where they had met).  The SPL then reintroduced our boy to the others in the troop and made him feel a little more welcome.  The meeting was essentially a split meeting, about half stayed in the meeting place and went over advancement, camping logs and service hours.  The other half (including the boy) went outside to work on Firem’n Chit.  This was right up the boy’s alley since we had been working on fire safety in the Webelos den meeting.  He did not get a chance to light his fire, because it took him a while to gather up wood and when he was ready, the wind blew out his matches each time.  By the time the SPL got more matches, it was time to go in.  But the boy said he had a good time and the meeting went better than the last.


About jthoppe

Eagle Scout, Cub Dad (Former Pack Committee Chair, soon to be Tiger Den Leader, District Committee; enjoys TKD, softball and generally being outside.
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