100 Days of Scouting – Days 70 thru 84: Please Pass the “Catch-up”

Wow…April 17th.  That was the last day I was able to make a post to the blog before now.  Lots of things happened with life and work that just flat-out took priority and there was just no time left to do much of anything else.  Anyway to appease my mild OCD to have a complete set of 100 Days chronicled, here is the Reader’s Digest version of what I’ve been up to for the past two weeks.

  • Day 70: Nothing of note to report.  I came back from vacation and work just became absolutely crazy.  That happens when you have a major project install and multiple minor issues bubble up.  Nothing significant, but enough uneasiness to freak some folks out. 
  • Day 71: Webelos meeting – Began to work on Outdoorsman activity badge.  The boys fused nylon rope, discussed fire safety and learned then began practicing tying their knots for one of the requirements (square knot, two half-hitches and the taut-lin hitch).
  • Days 72-76: Work remained crazy busy.  Received a butt-chewing from my boss’ boss that I was not urgent enough with my response to resolving the issues that sprang up from the install earlier in the week.  We’re not rocket scientists, it is not life or death situations, no one is in danger of bodily harm.  Things were cared for, the world did not come to an end, life went on.  As it turned out, the perceived need for urgency was never a crucial element to the resolution of the items.  Also during this time, we had our Holy Week presentation at church.  A number of people mentioned to me how touched they were with what we did and specifically stated how well I coordinated and directed the actors and the script.  Easter came and went, everyone got way too much chocolate, we went to my parents’ house for Easter dinner.  It was a nice time.
  • Days 77-80: Still not much time for any significant scouting things (not even email exchanges).  By day 80 though there was a little bit of a break in the log jam.  Was able to put some serious effort in planning and coordination of our May Program Kickoff Roundtable.  Worked with our committee chair on some pack meeting and recruiting items.  Confirmed with our Bear den leader that her boys completed their Bear badge and would also receive a quiver full of arrow points.
  • Day 81: Pack meeting – We planted flowers in flower boxes for the priest of our Charter Organization to display at the Rectory.  We did this last year and he was so appreciative, we decided to do it again this year.  The boys also got to plant some marigold seeds for themselves and we played kick ball to let them blow off steam.  In addition to the Bears receiving their Bear badges and arrow points, the Webelos (finally) received their Showman activity badge.  One Webelos scout also was able to catch-up and finish Naturalist and Athlete.  Now all three in the den have 14 activity badges.  Not too shabby for 11 months worth of work.
  • Day 82: It was the first sunny and warm day in weeks.  Did some stuff outside (between taking the boys to Taekwondo and parties).
  • Day 83: Church then our monthly leaders meeting.  We finalized our plans for the May pack campout, recruiting sign-up night and our summer activities.  We even set the date for our annual planning meeting for next year’s calendar.
  • Day 84: Was contacted by our DE with a short notice invite to our district Key 3 meeting (which I had to turn down).  He also left a voice mail to call him back to discuss some district committee stuff.  We’re playing phone tag now.  Printed info sheets for our sign-up night later in the week. 

There you have it, all caught-up.  As Paul Harvey said, “Now you know the rest of the story.”  Thanks for getting back on board.  I hope the hiatus wasn’t much of a disruption for you.  We now return you to our regular program.


About jthoppe

Eagle Scout, Cub Dad (Former Pack Committee Chair, soon to be Tiger Den Leader, District Committee; enjoys TKD, softball and generally being outside.
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