100 Days of Scouting – Day 45

Today I:

  • Took a step back from most activities surrounding scouting (see previous posts)
  • Emailed a reminder to parents of the boys (including my son) registered for our District Pinewood Derby on Saturday
  • Did attend a meeting to discuss and help plan our District Recognition Dinner
  • Looked forward to our pack meeting tomorrow night, District Pinewood Derby Saturday (with a little trepidation. as we know how PWDs can get with overzealous/helicopter parents) and our pack’s service outing to the local Senior Center as a way to hopefully re-charge the Scout Spirit tank

About jthoppe

Eagle Scout, Cub Dad (Former Pack Committee Chair, soon to be Tiger Den Leader, District Committee; enjoys TKD, softball and generally being outside.
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One Response to 100 Days of Scouting – Day 45

  1. scouteradam says:

    Wow. I am really sorry to hear about this turn of events. I read the other post. While I was on the road this week, I watched the tweets happen. It really got me thinking. Yes, every boy deserves a trained leader. Which, actually spawns this “Every Leader deserves Training.”

    In a tweet from bobwhiteblather, he quoted his Scout Exec with his tweet tonight: “”@bobwhiteblather: Council leadership meeting tonite. Our SE told us to think of one particular scout & reminded us “you are here for him.” #100DaysofScouting”

    That really speaks volumes. In my Wood Badge Staff Development, the VP of Training at the Council level said that training from the National level is changing. He spoke about the classes you just had canceled. My overall point is that if people limit training, they will take OUT the OUT in scOUTing. Cubs won’t be able to do Camping or Go-See-Its. No BALOO no TRIP PLAN.

    I feel your deflation in Scout Spirit. Take your time….recharge. Get your bearings back……Then explain to the person who canceled training that no training, leads to no leaders, no leaders, no scouts, no scouts, no units, no units, no districts, no districts, no council. Then, he can go find something else to do.

    Don’t give up!
    Yours in Scouting!

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