100 Days of Scouting – Day 21: On with the Show

Today I:

  • Downloaded and listened to the most recent An Hour a Week and Scout Nation podcasts
  • Finalized tonight’s den meeting plan
  • Updated the pack’s budget info with February expenditures
  • Printed Twilight Camp registration and heath forms
  • Led the Webelos den meeting (we started the Showman activity badge)

OK…so the birthday party weekend has come to a successful (if I do say so myself) conclusion.  The in-laws left to go back to Pennsylvania this morning.  I went off to work, the kids went back to school and the wife went back to being mom and homemaker (since it is Monday, that means laundry day for her).  Our oldest (the Webelos Scout) has another academic team competition tomorrow (Tuesday) which is normally our den meeting night.  So to keep on track with all we are doing to wrap up the first year of Webelos (and continuing to follow the Den and Pack Resource Guide) we moved the den meeting up one day to tonight.

In keeping with the title and description of the blog, here is what we did tonight.  Based on where we are in the year and having stared official meetings last summer (as opposed to right after the start of school when our dens have traditionally started meeting for the year) we have come to the Showman portion of the guide.  The Webelos meeting plans treat the Showman badge as ones that can be completed in one meeting.  The last three plans in the Guide cover the requirements for a Puppetry, Music and Drama specific meeting respectively.  Each set of requirements covers what is needed for the badge itself (Complete six activities…, these can be from any area – puppetry, music and/or drama.  And do one requirement from each section not completed as part of the other six for a total of 9 requirements.).  In reviewing each meeting plan, I realized there was absolutely no way, we’d be able to do 7 requirements in a single meeting (the boys have already completed two requirements).  Since we have the luxury of time from starting in the summer and still working meetings to allow the boys the opportunity to earn all 20 activity badges, I decided we would work through the necessary requirements over three meetings with each meeting focusing on one of the three sections.

That being said, our first meeting would focus on the puppetry section.  We started with a fun gathering activity of matching Disney animated character names with the movies they appeared in.  Then using some paper bag puppet templates of the four “founding fathers” of Scouting (Robert Baden-Powell, William D. Boyce, Ernest Thomson Seton & Dan Beard) from Baloo’s Bugle the boys colored and pasted the faces on to lunch bags for requirement #3.  They will be using these puppets to perform a play/skit that they wrote for requirement #2 at our pack meeting in March.  To give them some ideas as to what the script could look like, I created a one page “bio” sheet with some information on each man taken from the same Baloo’s Bugle.  To wrap up we discussed the home assignment (requirement #12 – Name three composers and a famous work from each) to prep them for the music section we’ll do at the next meeting.  The third meeting in the “series” will focus on drama.  I plan to blog on all the activities as well as we get to them.  Following this modified plan, we should have Showman complete before spring break in early April then as the weather gets better around here in late April, we’ll be able to hit the last few requirements of Outdoorsman that were not completed at camp last summer.


About jthoppe

Eagle Scout, Cub Dad (Former Pack Committee Chair, soon to be Tiger Den Leader, District Committee; enjoys TKD, softball and generally being outside.
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