100 Days of Scouting – Day 12: Blue and Gold Edition

Today I:

  • Attended our pack’s Blue & Gold banquet (and did a whole bunch of stuff there)


Traditionally, our pack holds our Blue & Gold banquet as our pack meeting in February.  There was one year we had it in March to accommodate the schedule of that year’s second year Webelos den to allow them time to complete their Arrow of Light.  This year, due to some recent changes (and subsequent departure) of our Cubmaster, I was asked to fill in as the “emcee” of the event.

Unlike most of our other pack meetings, we stuff a lot of activity into this particular meeting and because of that we have found it much better to have a luncheon meal on a Saturday afternoon rather than dinner on a Friday night (our regular pack meeting night).  Since we have many more parents, grandparents & other family, we use the “program” portion of the meeting as a showcase for each den to perform a skit rather than have some type of outside presenter or other craft/activity.  The leaders even get in 0n the act and do a skit.  The boys always love to see us leaders up there making fools of ourselves.

Without going into a whole lot of boring details, I’ll walk you through our program of events…

We always start off with an opening ceremony.  This month, the Webelos had our opening and prayer.  After the opening we were going to start eating.  However, when our food committee person went to pick up the food (Chick-fil-a nuggets and sandwiches) they had only made half of the order.  Somehow they missed the part where we needed two trays of each rather than just one tray of each.  So after a phone call alerting us of the delay, we quick jumped to plan B and had our district Friends of Scouting (FOS) presentation.  This fortunately bought us enough time for the food to get there and we were back on track.  The FOS presentation was going to be right after the meal anyway and our commissioner was ready to give it.

After the meal we then went straight to the dens’ skits.  Our Tigers did the “George Washington and the Cherry Tree” skit.  They were rewarded with the Tiger Cheer (Shout, “Thaaaat’s Grrrreat!” Thrust index finger upward Tony Tiger style.)

Our lone Wolf scout (another blog post for another time) performed “George Washington’s final address” — a leader explains that as the first president, Washington played an important role in the history of America and as a result, the scout before you has studied and memorized Washington’s final words and will present them now…to which the scout recites, “Good bye, everybody” and sits down.  We then did the “Quick Applause” cheer for him (everyone claps one time only as loud as they can; repeat as necessary to get louder).

Then our Bears did the “How Indians Tell time Skit.”  We gave them the “Good going” cheer — divide the room in half; one side says “good”, the other “going” when the leader points to the particular side; the leader points faster as the cheer goes on and mixes up the pointing to keep everyone off guard.

Next up was our first year Webelos doing the “Three Rivers” skit; followed by the “Ice Cube” cheer (Pretend to pick up an ice cube with your thumb and index finger, hold it up, saying “That’s cooooooool!”

The second year Webelos did a few run-ons for their skit…

“It’s all over me!!”  “What?”  “My clothes.”
The “stick-up” — boy holding a stick in the air
“Sticking around” — boy poking a stick in the ground
“They’re after me!!”  “Who?”  “The squirrels.”  “Why?”  “They think I’m nuts!”
“There does not seem to be intelligent life here, Scotty beam me aboard.”  Other boy tosses a piece of a wood board to the first boy.

After our audience gave the boys the Light Bulb cheer (take your light bulb, screw it in saying, “Bright, Bright, Bright!”), out leaders presented “The Outlaw” skit.  In response to that great effort (if I do say so myself as the “director), we did my favorite cheer (“It’s my favorite cheer too…”) the Watermelon cheer.

Then our committee chair gave the announcements…(“Announcements, announcements, annooooooooouncements!  A terrible way to die, a terrible way to die, a terrible way to be talked to death.  A terrible way to die.”  Continue ad nauseam, here).  After that, we went into our awards and advancement.  This month we handed out the Scout Sunday patch to those scouts that participated in our charter organizations Scout Sunday mass, the Heritages belt loop to our Bear den, Scholar activity badge to our first year Webelos, Craftsman activity badge to our second year Webelos, Tiger Cub rank to our Tiger den and the Arrow of Light to our second year Webelos.  When then did our crossover ceremony sending them on their way to Boys Scouts.

Just before we wrapped up, we presented a slide show of pictures of the boys do all of the scouting activities we have done this year.  Our committee chair did a really good job collecting pictures and putting them to music.  Everyone (cubs and parents) enjoyed seeing all of the boys represented.

I then went into the Cubmaster minute (“The Value of a Badge“) and invited the Boys Scouts (new and existing) to present the Scout Oath and retire the colors.  After which, we let everyone to enjoy cake!!

As you can see, a pretty full day and one I was completely involved with from introducing skits, to awarding stuff, to acting/directing in our own skit.  I do not recall much about the specific meetings or activities I did as a Cub Scout 30 years ago.  I do recall though things I learned specifically from my time in Cub Scouts (tying a neck tie, folding a flag, knife handling among others) that have stayed with me.  I hope in that the things we do as adult leaders of our young Cubs, they learn and remember skills and experiences that will last a lifetime.


About jthoppe

Eagle Scout, Cub Dad (Former Pack Committee Chair, soon to be Tiger Den Leader, District Committee; enjoys TKD, softball and generally being outside.
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