100 Days of Scouting – Day 8: Tuesday Den Meeting

Today I…

  • Finished the script for the Arrow of Light and Crossover ceremony for our Blue & Gold banquet
  • Emailed our committee chair about scheduling logistics for our March pack meeting
  • Created a specific “100 Days of Scouting” blog list on my blog
  • Finalized the den meeting plan for tonight’s Webelos den meeting
  • Attended and ran the Webelos den meeting
  • Followed up with a Webelos scout who missed the meeting because he was sick


So it’s Tuesday…as mentioned above, we had our Webelos den meeting tonight to finish up the Scholar activity badge.  Last week the boys discussed the Positive Attitude Character Connection, traced through history the different kinds of schools and made a poster with a representation of each era in the history of schools.  They also discussed the questionnaire of 6 adults (including a parent) asking what was good about their school and what could be better.  Between last week and this week, they needed to finish up talking with their teacher (and getting her signature) on their grades, behavior and attendance as well as discussing their school activities and understanding the value of an education. 

This week after doing some brain teasers and fun “aptitude tests”, we reviewed their teacher sign off sheets and discussed their thoughts on the value of an education and what they participate in at school.  Then we talked about the various jobs in education.  One would think with as much time they spend during the week at school, the boys would be able to rattle off any number of types of education jobs (since they are all around the boys at school).  I was surprised at how much I had to prompt them for some of the possible jobs.  Once they had a grasp on what types of education jobs there are, they were tasked with creating a posted on what they thought were the three most important (or relevant) jobs that impacted them.  All of the drawings were well thought out.  We then ended the meeting talking about what Activity badge they’d like to work on next.  I had planned to take the next 3-4 den meetings in March and April and work on the three aspects of the Showman activity badge (music, puppetry and drama) then go to Outdoorsman in May and work on Scientist over the summer.  But with having already started the Science Belt Loop and knowing that it will be complete with our trip to the local planetarium, I wanted to give the boys the choice of what to do next since there is no specific order or timeline to completing the ones they have left to do until we get to Readyman in the fall.

After a bit of discussion and debate, they choose to go with Showman next.  They wanted to wait until it was a bit warmer to do some of the Scientist requirements/experiments since a few deal with water and possibly getting wet.  We wrapped the meeting working on our skit for the Blue & Gold banquet.

How are your 100 Days coming?  Keep at it, the payoff will be immeasurable.


About jthoppe

Eagle Scout, Cub Dad (Former Pack Committee Chair, soon to be Tiger Den Leader, District Committee; enjoys TKD, softball and generally being outside.
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