Rocks, Hockey, Theatre and Art

As if this time of year is not busy enough, Scouting in the pack is continuing full speed ahead.  This past Monday wrapped up three consecutive days included four separate Pack/Den activities.

Last Saturday morning, amidst our first accumulating snowfall of the season (thankfully it did not stick to the roads), my son’s Webelos den took a trip to the Cincinnati Museum Center for a program on the Geologist activity badge.  The boys were able to learn about the geology in the Cincinnati area.  They looked at rocks, minerals and fossils in the museum’s Nature’s Trading Post and experimented with volcanoes.  When it was all over, they then tested their skills in geology while walking through the Museum of Natural History.  Participating in the program allowed them to meet all of the requirements for the badge which they will get at the December pack meeting.  Up until this point, we have completed all of the requirements for the various activity badges in the den meetings (except for those done at camp this summer).  It was a great opportunity for them to do one led by other people.  The boys had so much fun, I don’t think they realized they were learning.  If you have zoos, museums and other cultural or science related entities in your area, check out their outreach or educational offerings.  They just might have a program for Scouts or they might be able to create one for you.

Saturday evening, our local minor league hockey team, the Cincinnati Cyclones hosted their annual Scout Night.  Each scout in the council that sold $600 or more worth of popcorn this past fall received a free ticket to the game (and an offer for discounted tickets for family and friends).  This is the third year the team has hosted the scouts for their popcorn selling achievements.  At this event two years ago, our pack was selected to present the colors before the game during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner.  Each scout that attends the game gets one half of this year’s Scout Night patch.  If they attend one other designated game during the season they get the second half.  Most of the boys in our pack play “the big three” sports; football, basketball & baseball.  The midwest (and especially the Cincinnati area) is not known as a hotbed for hockey.  However each year when the boys from the pack go, they all have a blast.  I think some are even picking up on some of the rules and how the game is played.  This year with the added bonus of the snowfall, the atmosphere was enhanced a bit. 

Sunday afternoon (after the snow had finally stopped), we went to the The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati to see their production of Holiday Follies 2 for our December Pack outing.  This was the first time in recent memory the pack went to a theatre performance.  Knowing each rank has some type of theatre/drama requirement or activity, and with a seasonal show, we figured this would a good opportunity to expose the boys to this type of activity.  The show was enjoyable and very engaging for the boys.  The theatre group also offers their own scout badge for completing artwork or a review of the show.  After the show we walked over to the train display at the Duke Energy building (formerly Cincinnati Gas & Electric – who started the display 65 years ago).  This has become somewhat of a pack tradition now as we have gone three years in a row.

Wrapping up the three day’s worth of activities was our Webelos den meeting Monday evening.  The boys started working on the Artist activity badge (after discussing requirement #17 for the Showman badge since we went to the show yesterday).  For this meeting, they worked on requirements 1, 2 & 7.  They really enjoyed making arrowhead neckerchief slides from clay.  It was not as easy as they thought it would be but I think they came out pretty good none the less.  They’ll do a couple of requirements at home (5 & 6) then we’ll do the rest at our next meeting (earthquake art and working with colors by mixing frosting to decorate cookies). 

We still have a few more activities still to do this month including our service project and pack meeting.  Until then, school, church and other activities take over the busy portion of the program.  This weekend however, ended up being the epitome of being busy with Cub Scouts.


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Eagle Scout, Cub Dad (Former Pack Committee Chair, soon to be Tiger Den Leader, District Committee; enjoys TKD, softball and generally being outside.
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