Advancing Through the Ranks

Last week at our November pack meeting, our oldest son (aka Dog Boy) received his Webelos rank.  With only his Arrow of Light award ahead of him, I got to thinking how proud I am of his Scouting accomplishments and who is becoming.

He joined Cub Scouts a little over three short years ago (August 2007) as a little 5 year-old first grader (he would not turn 6 until a month later). 

Having developed good reading skills at an early age, he quickly took on and mastered everything for his Bobcat badge to earn it three months later.  He was the first in his den to earn the Bobcat and the was the quickest Tiger to earn it in the pack in many years.  Up until that point, the pack handed out/awarded rank badges to dens once all the boys earned them usually at out May camp out or sometimes at the Blue & Gold banquet (but that is another story).   That year he participated in many activities, built his first Pinewood Derby car and Space Derby ship and had a great time.  Once his den completed their final Tiger “Go See It” requirement — Take a hike with your den in March 2008, he and the others in his den completed the Tiger rank and received them at the pack meeting that month.  In May he moved up to his Wolf den. 
Being a Wolf scout, he had his first opportunity to go to Cub Scout day camp (it was actually a “Twilight” version that ran in the evenings).  Shot BB guns, bows and arrows for the first time along with taking part in a whole bunch of activities that gave him a jump-start earning his Wolf rank.  With the help of Twilight camp and being a motivated boy, he completed all of the requirements for his Wolf badge again in November and received it at the pack meeting.  The rest of the year was filled with completing electives toward earning a bunch of Wolf arrow points (seven to be exact). 
Moving up into the Bear den brought another summer and another trip to Twilight camp.  That year he and I also participated in our council’s Fun with Son camp.  Another November came (seems to be a theme brewing) and he had completed the requirements for his Bear badge.  More fun was then had as he did more Bear electives and earned eight Bear arrow points.
As a first year Webelos scout, there was more opportunity for action and adventure.  Twilight camp allowed him to participate in the Webelos overnight camp out.  He participated with the rest of the pack in the council’s resident Cub Scout Adventure Camp working on and earning a number of activity badgesAs November rolled around (there’s that month again) he completed the last of the Webelos rank requirements (“Earn the religious emblem of your faith”) and received his Webelos badge. The year is not over and he continues to work on additional activity badges while also working toward his Arrow of Light.  He goal is to earn the Super Acheiver award by earning all 20 activity badges by the time he crosses over into Boy Scouts.
As I look at these pictures, I realize how much he has grown and changed (got glasses, lost teeth, grew long hair and had short hair, among other things).  None the less, what has not changed is the Scouting Spirit that is in him.  The excitement he shows for Cub Scouts has certainly been passed along to his brother (a current “Buddy Scout”) who is counting the days and months until he can officially be an official Cub Scout this coming spring.  As the oldest continues on his Scouting trail and the younger one gets ready to start, I am excited by the fact I get to do it all over again not only as the younger one’s dad but also as his den leader.

About jthoppe

Eagle Scout, Cub Dad (Former Pack Committee Chair, soon to be Tiger Den Leader, District Committee; enjoys TKD, softball and generally being outside.
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