Dog Boy

We received this postcard this week from our council.  The Good Scout Award Luncheon is a significant fundraiser for the council and districts to help with their respective Friends of Scouting campaigns.  The significance of the postcard and the post is that the young scout with the dog is my son.

Two summers ago right before Twilight Camp started, our District Executive approached me and said the council was in the process of creating a new recruiting campaign for our fall Cub Scout “School Night for Scouting” roundups.  The theme was “Catch a glimpse of the man within: Imagine what’s next.”  The campaign was to have various Cubs posing with scout related things  and their “shadow” would be of an adult in a related profession.  There was a boy roasting a marshmallow whose shadow was a firefighter holding an axe.  A boy holding a rocket with an astronaut as his shadow holding a flag.  Another was holding a hammer with a wooden bird house with carpenter with his T-square as the shadow.  And lastly, a boy with a dog and bandage creating a shadow of a doctor.

At the photo shoot, my son along with about four other Cubs were photographed in each of the scenes with the various props including a real dog.  As it turned out the marketing folks liked my son’s poses with the dog the best and that scene was used in various flyers, postcards and posters.  There were other boys in other poses that were used as well.

My son got a real kick to see his picture printed on many different items that were distributed to a large number of people during our recruiting season.  He was most excited to know that the Recruit flyer went to homes all over the Greater Cincinnati area (our council is quite large).  His picture was featured many times in our quarterly council newspaper.  His image was not limited to the recruiting campaign, it was (and continues to be) used for fundraising efforts, recognition/thank you items, council related United Way items and even last year’s council Christmas/Holiday card.

The Development Director (whom I know from our local Eagle Scout Association) who was part of the group selecting the pictures to use for the various campaigns told me that they jokingly used the name of the props to reference the pictures (Rocket Boy, Campfire Boy, Hammer Man and yes, Dog Boy).  Then he learned that “Dog Boy” was my son.  He was slightly embarrassed but we’ve gotten a laugh about it ever since.

It’s amazing how much use the pictures from this initial campaign have had.  I guess that the council is reaping some benefit from them to be willing to keep using them.  My son, who had just crossed over in to his Bear den at the time of the pictures, will be earning his Webelos badge this month.  Boy how time flies.  He still gets a kick when he sees his picture on something from the council.  In his mind, he has become famous in our little piece of the Scouting world.


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Eagle Scout, Cub Dad (Former Pack Committee Chair, soon to be Tiger Den Leader, District Committee; enjoys TKD, softball and generally being outside.
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